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Other Crops

Other Crops

CAPE MOUNTAIN OILS also produces crops other than essential oils.  These crops are also all farmed organically and include: OLIVES AND OLIVE OIL, RAW HONEY, DRIED BUCHU LEAVES and more recently organically-farmed bee-friendly CITRUS (Lisbon and Eureka Lemons).



Rockhaven Farm produces organic, virgin cold-pressed olive oil which is sold off the farm.  We produce a small quanitity of table olives as well.  We use mainly Mission and Frantoio varieties for the oil.  The table olives are Mission and Kalamata .  Our oldest trees are ten years old.

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honeyRockhaven also produces small quantities of raw honey that is farmed organically and which is certified as badger friendly by WWF.  This makes us one of the few honey producers in South Africa to produce honey organically.  We were certified by an overseas certifier for over ten years.

The honey is harvested, spun out and bottles on the farm as a pure and raw organic honey.  

The honey is mainly sold off the farm, although orders can be placed and collected in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

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apricotsRockhaven farm has a large number of old apricot trees, dating back to the time when this fruit was farmed intensively (mainly as dried fruit) on the farm (which makes these trees around 20 years old). 

The orchards have been rehabilitated and we now get a small crop of naturally growing apricots every year, with harvesting taking place in the first week of December.

Guests are welcome to join us during the harvest.  The fruit is always abundant and full of flavour.   We compete with the baboon troops for the fruit, so production is certainly not guaranteed.

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sutherlandiaSutherlandia (sutherlandia frutescens) is an indigenous bush known locally as "kankerbos" (cancer bush).

The plant has traditional medicinal qualities, used to treat a variety of ailments. Sutherlandia is now a commercially recognised product and is available in pill and capsule form from all of the major homeopathic producers.

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